Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, is offering skill development programmes in different sectors. The Skill development courses were started during 2011. This Programme is being offered at different constituent and peripheral units of the university. Now all the courses are getting popularized and demand is increasing over the year. The enrolment details for the year 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 are 107, 142 and 117. Places Skill development programme is being offered in the following constituent and peripheral units of the university.

1. Madras Veterinary College, Chennai
2. Veterinary college and Research Institute, Namakkal
3. Veterinary college and Research Institute, Tirunelveli
4. Veterinary college and Research Institute, Orathanadu
5. College of Food and Dairy Technology, Koduvalli
6. College of Poultry Production and Management, Hosur
7. Peripheral Units-VUTRCs                                     : 21
8. Farmers Training Centers(FTCs)                          : 3
9. Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVKs)                                : 3
10. Farms                                                               : 6
11. Institutes                                                           : 2
12. Laboratories                                                     : 2
Selection of the needy beneficiaries is one of the important criteria in taking up the skill development programmes. As in the case of informal training the participants can’t be selected en masse. Individual involvement of the participant is most important criteria. Elite participants are essential in imparting the skill training programme.
The target groups are:
1) Practicing farmers 2) School dropouts 3)Unemployed personnel
Admission :
Advertisements about the courses offered are published in print media including TANUVAS publications, dailies and magazine. The applications received from the candidates are scrutinized. The eligible candidates are admitted throughout the year for all the courses listed here under after getting the filled in applications along with necessary documents and course fee. The candidates are informed about their admission and subsequently the connected university centres are also intimated about the same. The admitted candidates are advised to appear in person for attending the courses. Admissions to these courses are made throughout the year.
Course curriculum :
The curriculum for each course has been designed by the concerned subject matter specialists identified by the university after many deliberations and evaluation by peer groups. Practical sessions and individual hands on practice in the farms are given topmost priority in all the courses.
Content delivery / Learning sessions :
Manual for the courses have been printed and distributed to the enrolled candidates. Practical exercises for one month or as per the duration of the course have been designed. Accordingly the learning sessions are organized in the farms.
Evaluation :
The candidates are evaluated based on the examination conducted at the respective centres and successful candidates are awarded completion certificates.Read More



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