Continuous demand for update of knowledge and skills of veterinarians due to scientific advances occurring in veterinary and animal sciences necessitates exploring of new initiatives by the academic institutions concerned. Moreover veterinarians after rendering at least 5 -10 years of service in the field, are frequently encountering many technological challenges in treatment of animals, combating new diseases, livestock farming practices and bio-security. To fulfil the demand, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) designed formal academic programme in the form of Postgraduate Diploma programmes in Veterinary and Animal Sciences through distance mode in October 2011. Postgraduate Diploma Course (Distance Mode) of one year duration consists of two semesters. Each semester accounts for 110 working days with a contact class programme of 10 days. A total of 47 candidates have enrolled for this course in 2011-12. In the academic year 2012-13 a total of 84 candidates were enrolled and in the successive academic years, a total of 152 candidates each in 2013-14 and 2014-2015 have admitted.

Admission :
Advertisements about the courses offered are published in print media including TANUVAS publications and English dailies. The applications received from the candidates are scrutinized by a committee for selection of candidates. The selected candidates shall appear in person on the first day of the first semester for registration of courses and orientation. Students will be allowed to register for the semester, only after payment of course fee.

Course curriculum :
The curriculum for each course has been designed by the concerned subject matter specialists identified by the university after many deliberations and evaluation by peer groups. There are Course Directors, Co-ordinators and Content Developers for each course. Practical sessions and individual hands on training are provided during the contact class programme of each semester.

Content delivery / Learning strategy :
Self Learning Materials in printed form are prepared and distributed to the candidates and also materials are available in online. Normally a course has been divided into 4-5 units; accordingly the course materials are prepared along with questions for individual units. Academic schedule for the diploma course are prepared and communicated to the Course Directors and candidates concerned. The unit assignments have to be submitted to the course directors as per the academic schedule.Read More




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